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The Philosophy

If you look to pin down a Seattle Sounders style, you look at technically gifted players who can pass and control a football and you can develop that into situations where they'll play the way the First Team are playing. That comes down to a basic principle of being able to pass the ball; that's what the First Team do - control, pass, move - so that's what the kids practice'

One of the key messages we always try to get across throughout our coaching sessions at Steve Soccer Academy is the importance of teamwork!

There have been so many great moments throughout soccer club's history when teamwork has been integral to achieving success. On the pitch, we look to create an environment in which the players encourage each other when they make mistakes, to persevere when practicing, and congratulate each other when they achieve success. Working as a team in this way helps to motivate everyone and ultimately, it improves everyone’s learning and enjoyment. The team ethic players will develop at Steve Soccer Academy can be useful throughout all aspects of life - not just in football, but also at school, college and even at work!

About Us

We teach players how to build up a range of movements and techniques that have been perfected by the United States Soccer 1st team players. Coaching sessions have been designed to allow repetition of these fundamental actions in a fun and exciting way and to challenge and motivate players at all times.
We enhance the player’s understanding of why

TACTICAL We enhance the player’s understanding of why, when and where the techniques are used in small sided games leading up to 11 v 11 principles where relevant. Whatever their level we help players to develop the courage and confidence to express their ability in games and understand how to learn from their mistakes. PHYSICAL Players are shown how to train their bodies for the demands of the game and the different positions. Speed, Strength, suppleness, stamina and skill can be developed to help players achieve their optimum level of performance. Players will also learn how fuelling their bodies off the field will give them the best chance on it. MENTAL Developing a winning mentality requires strong character and a positive attitude. We build a positive rapport with all of our players to deliver the best possible experiences and we actively raise self-esteem to improve performance both on and off the field. Working hard to never give in, working together and always believing in yourself are core traits of a successful United States Soccer team, and so are also encouraged throughout our courses. SOCIAL Sessions are delivered to encourage the players to work together, to get to know each other and take ownership of how the session progresses, developing core skills to help them develop in and out of the game.



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